I would to start off saying with so many places on the internet you can explore and learn, you choose mine to come to and be a part of, so Thank you and Welcome to a daily inside view of a Property Inspector. You will be my shadow to what I see, feel and think of the properties I go to, its a roller coaster of facts and amazing things that people in our field see. We are not appraisers, insurance adjusters or real estate agents even though we work along side of them we are Inspectors we are for the Property and what the its condition is whether its for a fix and flip, foreclosure, mortgage inspection or city inspection.

So let me tell you about me I am a full time Property Inspector I work for a company in the Southern California area of course I can't tell you the name but its all in the name of privacy.  I grew up in Real Estate and have spent the last 15 years in the Mortgage Servicing Industry I started from the ground up working my way through all aspects of the servicing side from a Foreclosure Trustee Assistant to a REO Asset Mgr for a major bank to a Repair Coordinator for a small fix and flip and other positions too many to name and oh I have my Insurance Adjuster credentials as well!!  So I met some great people along the way and being in the Mortgage Servicing side its a small world!!   

Thats enough about me, not a topic we need to talk long on, just know I have vast experience in looking and handling properties so lets get to the heart of this site we are going to take a walk in my world daily, you will experience what I do!! Be prepared to be shocked, amazed, amused and maybe down right grossed out but this the key you have to be able to visual what I write about, now if you can do this we are going to have a great time!!

Now the serious side due to the sensitivity of the matter I will not post photos, addresses, names or any information specifically towards the property that I will write about. The only thing that will be disclosed is the city so you can get a idea of where the property is, I see so many in a week that I surely can not write about all of them but enough.

I always have people ask me what I do for a living well when I tell them its always "you do that" well yes I do and you know what I love it!! 

Thank You for joining my site for our adventure now lets get started!! Buckle up we are off and running!!